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Christian Fisher: By the time you find this I will be dead
Paul Drajem: I'll be too busy to bury you
Patsy Silver: My big chance in show business
Stanley Dayan and Pat McMullen: Giving birth to Jesus
Art Marzolf: Prison Fight
Suzanne Perry: My Broken Tooth
Richard Wicka and Erin Bahn: After 40 years, I return to the seminary
Liz Mariani: Zapped at the Breast Level
Bonita Z: The Face that Loves You in the Darkness
Bonita Z: He saw me naked
Ed Hecht: The Crowd
Jai and Gogo: Jesus fucked me
Mr. Ski Mask: LSD in Kindergarten
Ember Nelson: Experienced in Disappointment
John Farallo: Tea with pot in it
Roxanne Amico: Pushing the envelope of nonviolence
Dana McKnight: I'm a strong black woman
Jacob Verghese: My roommate hit her
Tony the Truckdriver: My sadistic drawings
Michele Brule: Titi the cat
Renee Saracki: Miss Kosten didn't know how to handle me
Pam Swarts: Peacemaker
Dan Reynolds: Ketamine - a horse tranquilizer
Ansie Baird: I Like Comfort
Andrea Zysk: Crazy Clara
George Gerogakis: World War Two Bombing
Gordon Blake: Janis Joplin
Marty Luckoski: I know I am not normal
Katie Scirto: Beauty = Pain
Katie Scirto: I became who I am
Sue Marie: Panic attack
Sue Marie: Alcoholism
Leslie Fineberg: Aspiring Vegan / Chapters that Close in your life
Phil Conley: My father
Jax DeLuca: Being Disappointed
Lisa Brothwell: My Mother's Suicide
Tim Saracki: Coming around to being a father
Dorothy Williams: Baby Daddy
Savannah Wallard: Fighting to clean up my apartment building
Tom Waters: I Push People
Alie Light: I hope this is just a story
Heather Kalisiak: Highschool Boyfriend
Bob Schultz and Kenny Morgan: 10,000 sit ups / My parents separated /Fireworks
Carl Thiel: Within a week we were broke up
Barbara Wagner : It is not about you
Alan Katerinsky: 150 Boots Hitting the Ground
Penny Ballard: Thumper
Burt Forjustice: Overpaid Executives
Celia White: Easier to talk with people while drinking
David Gray: The Buffalo Curse
Deanna Birmingham: Grandma didn't wear underwear
Fox Salehi: It scares me to death
James A. Mitchell: Without that anger and discipline there was no love
Jane Jacobson: My huge act of rebellion
Cynthia Van Ness: I couldn't dance
Josh Smith: "Fight me!", a romantic invitation
Julia Dzwonkoski & Kye Potter: The ants love my underwear
Julia Esfahani: The police came and that was that
Kitty & Cheryl: I've got your present right here
Tom Stroz: Leaving Home
Sal Monaco: Armed Robbery
Nancy Parisi: 1) Valentine Vibrator, 2) Trust your instincts
Gwen Kiersz: 1) Ten days in Chile 2) I stayed